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About Us

The name comes from the three-pronged spear carried by Poseidon, God of the seas, in classical mythology. Signifying power, leadership and adventure in its depiction of mythology and stories of the sea.

Poseidon is the fabled protector of all waters and was widely worshipped by seamen as their guide and protector. The trident name chosen by this company’s founder evokes boldness and adventure. The idea of the spear additionally symbolizes the three tenets Trident Commercial Real Estate Company is founded upon; Experience, Commitment, and Integrity


Mr. Ebert, the founder and managing member of the LLC, has over 25 years of commercial real estate brokerage experience. He has represented major defense and aerospace contractors, national and international manufacturing companies in real estate negotiations. He has experienced the thrill of working with federal government and the state government agencies in lease negotiations.

Mr. Ebert has had clients that are car dealers, newspaper publishers and lumber companies, gas station owners and builders of hotels too; although greatest focus has always been with the small business owner.

Prior to his career in commercial real estate, he worked for Olivetti Corporation where he designed and sold accounting systems. He was a member of the esteemed President’s Club several years in a row. Between the accounting system sales experience and the present Mr. Ebert was with Anthony B Cassedy & Associates, a management consulting company.

Mike has traveled extensively throughout the United States as a member of a team of consulting engineers. The ABC clients ranged from banks to microprocessor manufacturing to mining companies.


From Mr. Ebert’s previous experiences it should be clear that his direction for Trident Commercial Real Estate is that of demanding the seeking of depth in relationships with our clients if and when at all possible.

He has been intimately involved with his clients throughout his life’s work experience and this same depth of understanding and commitment is what he chooses to require of Trident Commercial Real Estate Company.

His desire is for this real estate company to “be the bridge” when it comes to making challenges become opportunities for his client’s with their real estate matters.


“A man is only as good as his word” is the colloquial way Americans look at integrity. This is a moral value this company is founded upon. Additionally, in the Webster’s Dictionary, integrity is wholeness, completeness, to perform a work in its integrity.

Trident Commercial Real Estate goal is to stay with clients for the long run; for advice and information between the real estate services as needed; that is integrity!

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