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Selling Commercial Real Estate

Selling commercial real estate is supposed to be easy. That is, if your property meets current codes for building, safety, zoning, parking, environment, access, and so on. And how does the business owner know these things? Hire a broker!

How does a person operating a business in, say, steel fabrication, working 9 hours a day 6 days a week, every week all year know these things? Why would this person know? Too much time on his hands maybe? Not managing his time properly or is he micromanaging his life.

Hire a broker!! Know when to “farm out”, or to delegate a function; especially something as important as the selling of a major investment.

There are many good reasons why perfectly capable people choose to make careers selling commercial real estate. Most of us do not tune our own cars, why in the world would we enter such any unknown area with so little knowledge looking to save a buck? In real estate especially, where tens of thousands of dollars can be lost either in the sale or a court action later.

Find a broker you feel good about, ask questions, check references; like you do for your car’s servicing. Go with reputation and experience and attention. All the experience and repute in the world will not help you unless you have the broker’s attention. Hire a broker using the same level of care you would take in hiring an employee.

If you are not that comfortable with one, go to the next as you would with an employer. Trident is about building strong relationships and not just about “the deal”. When a company makes building relationships the focus in each transaction and not only about the transaction, they will succeed. This should apply with the broker you hire also true when hiring a broker to sell your commercial real estate.

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